Common blogging mistakes we all make
Common blogging mistakes we all make
If you want to keep your website traffic up one of the ways to do that is by posting blogs and become a resource for your patients.

By Dental Marketer, Lucy McCarthy

If you want to keep your website traffic up one of the ways to do that is by posting blogs and become a resource for your patients. Blogging can be tricky and usually sits pretty low on the priority list. Fear not, here are some of the common mistakes people make, avoid these to ensure your blog is successful.

I understand the fear that comes with the word ‘blog’, I’ve been there. You’re faced with a mammoth task, that you envisage taking up your whole day, while your patients become impatient in your waiting room.

The burning question: What should you write about? And what if people don’t read it or even worse they read it and they don’t like it? Oh the horror!

Here are 3 common mistakes people make when writing a blog:

  • Writing about something they know nothing about nor do they particularly have an opinion on: If you’re a dentist nobody expects you to write a blog on what each political party is doing and equally if you’re a politician nobody really wants to know your opinion on how to maintain good oral hygiene. You’ll find it much easier to write about something that you genuinely have an interest in or opinion on.
  • Submitting a dissertation style blog: If you’ve ever had the pleasure of writing a 10,000+ word dissertation, you’ll probably remember the sleepless nights and stress it took to produce. Some of the best blogs are short, sweet and to the point. If you’ve got a really interesting topic, an excellent style of writing or need pages of detail you may want to consider creating some useful downloads instead. A good way to keep your blogs concise is to create a list such as ‘top tips oral health’? Or ‘5 ways to prevent tooth decay’? You’d be surprised how much more interest these sorts of blogs receive.
  • Keeping up with the Joneses. Take a look at what the Joneses are writing about, they may inspire you to write about something you’d not thought of and it ensures you are relevant. However, you should aim to stay one step ahead and be the industry leaders. Publish blogs on the latest technologies, services and news stories before they reach your competitors. Make sure you’re mindful of what your patients will want to read about and don’t confuse them with obscure, off-topic blogs: there’s no point being different for different’s sake.

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By Lucy McCarthy Operations Manager
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