Dental Practice Marketing Planning

Create smarter campaigns that deliver incredible results

Marketing Planning

Create smarter campaigns that deliver incredible results

We offer a range of marketing services and can help you develop your brand, make your website more visible and create content that’s more engaging.

We will also help you invest in the right marketing channels across search engines, digital marketing and traditional advertising to reach your target audience.

For the plan to work it’s critical we understand your objectives and develop a strategy to achieve them before we execute any campaigns. Your marketing projects are not ends in themselves — it’s no use having a thousand likes or retweets from people who are too far away to be your patients — they should always be regarded as tactics that serve your strategy and objectives. Have a read through our marketing deliverables.


Our team works with you to develop your communications blueprint, beginning with a brand audit.
We will develop a range of concepts before refining one design and producing your logo assets and a comprehensive brand book.

Website Design

This, to state the obvious, is critical. It’s your shop window and it’s how many new patients first experience your business.
Our team of designers, developers, videographers and writers won’t just bang out of the kind of boring template website that everyone else has, they will take care to articulate your brand thoughtfully.


Online videos help you convert website browsers into new patients.

The secret is to serve up footage of real life patients describing their experiences honestly, as well as unscripted footage of your clinicians. Both these types of video do wonders at building trust and conveying a sense of your business’s personality.


Whether it’s copy for your new website, blogs, press releases or magazine features, our resident writer Zac Fine will find the words to help you stand apart from the crowd.
The former journalist on national newspapers has worked in the dental sector since 2013, cutting through jargon to engage our clients’ target markets.


Radio and print aren’t dead — you heard it here first.
Depending on the demographics of your target market there are still plenty of ways to reach them, and with ad revenues everywhere looking anaemic there are some brilliant deals to be struck.

Online marketing

This can seem like a black art to the uninitiated but our monthly reports will keep you as clued up as you need to be.

We’ll help you to hold decent ranking and understand which levers you can pull to boost leads on particular treatment modalities.


"We helped a large general NHS practice that wanted to build up its private list and noticed that all its competitors, in a very affluent area with large homes, were specialist practices. Where was the gap? Affordable private dental care. How did the marketing adapt to the audience? Using radio and press to reach the over-60s. The nature of the successful dental practice, just like the nature of the successful fizzy drink and the successful airline brand, is down to the people it serves."
Luc Wade, Marketing Director at Hive Business.

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