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Find out more about Hive


Find out more about Hive

Welcome to Hive. We improve the financial performance of dental practices with business services underpinned by in-house management consulting, accountancy and marketing.


Our team is pretty special.
We work according to the T-model: individuals are expected to have a broad ability to work outside their core area and a deep knowledge of their chosen field. So when we have multi-disciplinary meetings we can actually listen to each other and create new solutions that work across all areas of your business.


Nothing like this is happening anywhere else in the dental sector.
This is unusual. Nothing like it is happening anywhere else in the dental sector, so choosing us will put you miles ahead of your competitors, with the kind of business support that only multinationals used to get. Your team will be handpicked from our shop floor of strategists, accountants and creatives according to your unique needs.

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