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Why Choose Hive? Four things that make Hive special.

Why Choose Hive?

Four things make Hive special

We only work with dentists
We only recommend services that serve your objectives
We develop your strategy.
We’re multi-disciplinary.

The right fit for you

Just to warn you, we ask a lot from our clients. We want them to engage with us as partners. If you’re prepared to invest time in this process the results will be transformational.
You’ll receive a support package tailored to your needs. We might not be right for you if you prefer to take a passive role and want your business services off the shelf.

Your Own Team

You’ll be assigned a team that’s handpicked from the accountants, consultants, marketers and creatives on our shop floor. They’re all experienced in the business of dentistry.
We specialise in developing better strategy and leadership and we’ve found the best way to do this is by challenging our clients collaboratively.

We are Creative

We swear by cross-disciplinary collaboration because sometimes you can see more from further back.

Our staff work according to the T model of knowledge : deep on their specialism, broadly comfortable in other areas. No one else is doing anything like this in dentistry. It’s the stuff that true strategic planning is made of.

We are engaging

We never presume to know how we are going to help you in the beginning because we don’t know.
We engage you in our creative process because running a business isn’t a box ticking exercise as some consultants would have you believe.

We are Courageous

It’s scary not having a one-size-fits-all template for business success but we believe it’s the only way to get meaningful change.
You need a plan that is right for you, so it has to be built around your unique needs and goals. You might not be able to articulate what these are at first, but don’t worry, we won’t rush you.

WE ARE Reflective

Probably the most challenging thing we’ll ask you to do is reflect. We put a premium on it.

At first it takes courage to accept you don’t have all the answers. Reflection brings things that are outside your field of vision into view. It’s a powerful discipline that will serve you long after you need us.

We are evolved

In our view the dental sector as it stands is reactive and risk-averse because it comes from a collective sole trader mentality.
We’re pushing for a new way and our clients are among the first to radically reappraise their identity as business owners, still a neglected aspect of dentistry despite all the hype about marketing.

We are practical

In any other industry if your turnover was £1m you would have diversity of thought and diversity of experience represented at board level.

HR experts, product experts, finance experts, marketing experts etc. We sit on our clients’ boards for that reason. It’s known as our shadow board service.


Hive is the way it is because we have built our expertise to service the needs of dentists.

We’re here to serve you and no one else.

We are insightful

Our time working in a multi-disciplinary way in the dental sector gives us unique capabilities and insights that you can read about on our blog.
Every article is written by a member of the team here.

We are Connected

As dental business specialists we’ve built up special industry access.
We can put you in front of trusted suppliers that we can vouch for if we can’t personally help.

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