Discover how Charlie transformed his NHS practice
Discover how Charlie transformed his NHS practice
Charlie is not just happy because there is more money in his pocket, but because he took a chance and worked hard with Hive and it paid off.
November 6, 2018

Charlie bought his practice 5 years before he got in contact with Hive. It had a £500k NHS contract and managed to upsell a bit of private treatment. Charlie knew there was much to be done, the practice itself had seen better days, NHS costs were rising and the talent clinical team were not getting the opportunity to develop their skills because there were no private patients. Needless to say the business was not massively profitable and Charlie sought the advice of a dental coach to help him see where to start… after 2 years nothing had changed and he contacted Dan at Hive.

Dan recommended a Diagnostic Day, this would allow Charlie and Hive the evidence and time to understand the field position of the business and build a plan to get it to where Charlie needed it to be. After an intensive day Charlie boldly decided he wanted to grow the private side of the business, clear in the knowledge that it would require a significant investment of time, energy, and capital. To realise the businesses potential it needed a full refurbishment, rebranding and repositioning, a change in culture, and for him to own his leadership role.

12 months on Charlie has an immaculate practice that is taking on ever growing numbers of private patients. The clinical team are happy because there is much more private work of the type they like to do (Invisalign/Facial Aesthetics/Smile Makeovers), the operations team are happy because of the fantastic environment, and Charlie is not just happy because there is more money in his pocket, but because he took a chance and worked hard with Hive and it paid off. He is now looking forward to the point he can hand back his NHS contract and build a practice with unicorn level profitability.

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By Dan Fine Group Director
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