Four tips to keep your service splendid
Four tips to keep your service splendid
How to keep your customer service on point and your customers returning regularly.

Customer service is one of those things we all expect to receive in abundance, but the reality is that customer service isn’t always quite up to scratch and can often fail to meet our expectations.

Is it that we expect too much from the service providers? Customer service is vital to any business, as we do have increasingly high expectations. From the first encounter with a staff member, it could make or break the experience,  so it’s vital that all levels of staff maintain the company standard while interacting with your customers or patients.

I believe each and every client – including you – deserves the highest level of service at any given time. After all, we are spending our hard earn money with our chosen company. I expect if you take a minute to think about it, there will probably be a time where you have received bad customer service and as a result relayed the story to friends.

Everyone can be guilty of not giving the best service, so how do we rectify our bad ways in the realms of customer service I hear you ask? Well these 4 helpful tips will be sure to keep your customer service on point and keep you motivated:

1. Bad days happen

We all have our off days or get up on the wrong side of bed. It’s completely normal however, your customer isn’t aware of how your day has been so far and actually, why should they suffer as a result?

Think before you speak and remember to take a minute before you pick up that phone, serve the next customer or treat your next patient, to consciously make the effort to provide the service they deserve.

2. Service with a smile

55% of all communication is non-verbal body language i.e gestures, posture, eye contact and tone of voice. So be aware of the silent signals you may be sending out.

Even if your customers can’t see you, smile and don’t be distracted while speaking with them. Ensure all verbal communication is genuine and warm too as this will instantly help to build trust and rapport. Take a second and think positively to relax and elevate your mood, putting you in the best mind set to give tip top customer service.

3. Go the extra mile

Going the extra mile for your customer or patient is great for business. Think how you would expect to be treated if it were the other way around if you were getting the service.

Trust me, the job satisfaction you’ll get will keep you smiling for the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, I don’t expect you to roll out the red carpet on my arrival but just answering the phone a bit quicker or being more flexible with an appointment can go a long way in creating a lasting impression.

4. The simple things

Go back to basics and remember your P`s and Q`s. Something as simple as a warm greeting, please or thank you, could influence the clients or patients experience. If you want to make someone feel really special, make a note if they mention a holiday or wedding they’re going to and next time you speak with them ask them about it – this will assist in building a lasting rapport with a client and they will appreciate it.

Personally, getting to know our clients is my favourite part of the job.

It will not only make you a better service provider but will guarantee your customer/ patient will walk away happy.

If you follow these simple tips they will help you keep your customer service tip top and ensure your customers or patients are not only returning on a regular basis but also telling all their friends about you.

If you need any assistance with training your staff to be excellent communicators and promoting your companies values we can help.

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