Are the patterns in your practice predictable?
Are the patterns in your practice predictable?
If one of the mechanisms in your practice breaks down, the ticking stops.




Noun: the practice of analysing and describing a complex phenomenon in terms of its simple or fundamental constituents, especially when this is said to provide a sufficient explanation. 

People tend to take more readily to theories and ideas that are reductionist in style. Reductionism is not an aversion to complexity, rather a way of dealing with it, digesting it, and building upon it without constantly having to work with the wider picture. This attitude towards complex ideas has enabled the world’s general population to understand phenomena across all sciences, but you don’t have to be working with an exact science for reductionism to be useful.

The clockwork universe is a reductionist concept which compares the universe, and everything in it, to a mechanical clock, meaning that the patterns and consequences are predictable.

We wouldn’t have day and night without the Earth’s rotation, which wouldn’t happen without the pulls from the Sun or the Moon. Because of this mechanism, we can predict that; every day the sun will rise, and the flowers will bloom. 

While this is an extreme example of the clockwork universe, it directly translates to everything we deliver at Hive: 

  • Our accountancy team can’t create the optimal tax plan for you without good bookkeeping, which can’t happen without Xero. But when you have an efficient tax plan in place (and you stick to it) we can tell you exactly how much tax you’ll have to pay in 18 months’ time;
  • Our consultants can’t advise you how to move forward, without knowing which function is going wrong, which we can’t decide upon unless we know what your ‘why’ is. But, when we do advise you what to do next, we can predict the effect this will have on each part of your practice, and in turn how successful it will be.
  • Our marketing team can’t create the best website for you without a simple, consistent, stand-out brand, which they can’t come up with if you don’t know the values of your own practice. But, when we create the best website for you, we can predict and track its conversion rate, and therefore predict the impact of the website on your turnover;

These three very separate, and very different mechanisms are completely interlinked and have direct effects on one another. If one of the mechanisms in your practice breaks down, the ticking stops. We can take your complex challenges, turn them into bite-size steps towards your goal, and help you to implement these steps into your practice. If the clockwork in your practice isn’t ticking smoothly, get in touch to see how we can help.

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