Are you a data driven dental practice?
Are you a data driven dental practice?
Ultimately you need to be able to access the information that lets you know whether or not you are hitting your targets and objectives or whether you are falling short.
December 27, 2021

When it comes to understanding the data sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss.

The kind of data we’re going to talk about here is the data that shows you just how well your dental marketing campaigns are performing. Below we are going to be discussing the kinds of data that you can have at your fingertips instantly, how this can help you in the day to day running of the practice and also how it can help drive your business forwards.

Ultimately you need to be able to access the information that lets you know whether or not you are hitting your targets and objectives or whether you are falling short.

Ideally when looking at setting your annual marketing budget for 2022 you need to be able to look back at the last year and have concrete evidence of what’s worked and what hasn’t. This makes the whole process really easy and you can even project (by treatment type) what results you are likely to see if budgets are increased by campaign type.

It all sounds good in theory but practically there are many dental practices that really struggle to drill down and access this information as there are no clear indicators to show which of your marketing campaigns have worked, which campaigns brought in the leads that ended up starting treatment and also what the conversion rates are.

The conversion rate of a new enquiry through the sale journey to a booked appointment is a really important metric to be tracking. It can give you insight into:

  • Whether or not you have enough phone lines coming into the practice
  • Having enough resource to answer the phones
  • Which are your busy days of the week or times of the day
  • Are you converting new enquiries to appointments, what are the blockers, is sales training required?
  • Which treatments aren’t being converted very well?
  • Do you need a TCO or more TCOs?
  • Are your prices set at the right level?

The next metric to give great insight into performance within the practice is the conversion rate from appointment to treatment uptake. This gives you insight into:

  • The effectiveness of the TCOs
  • The conversion rate for each of your clinicians
  • Target setting
  • Whether or not your clinicians need sales training

On a monthly basis there could be plenty of leads coming into the practice, your diaries can be full but you aren’t entirely sure which of the campaigns have brought the lead in.

Depending on how you have set the campaigns up, Google Analytics can give you great insight into what’s working and what isn’t in terms of tracking website traffic and conversions. It is also really useful to know the following data which we provide to our marketing clients:

  • Overall number of visitors to your website and the percentage that many make contact via phone or contact form by channel source.
  • A breakdown of the website traffic split by marketing channel source and campaign type, with data on how many visitors turned into leads and the contact method ie; by phone, web form, enquirybot, etc.
  • Your website bounce rate – is your website keeping the attention of the user and encouraging further movement around the site pages?
  • Details on which web pages are producing the leads, which pages are most popular, as well as seeing which pages never get traffic.
  • SEO ranking positions and monthly search volumes enabling you to work out the number of searches per month for Google keyword searches and roughly what your potential share of the traffic could be based on your position in Google results.
  • Full Google Ads PPC data with a breakdown of impressions, clicks, costs per clicks and click thru rates. This data is vital in being able to work out the cost per lead rate split by treatment/campaign type.

Additionally there are also lead capture platforms that capture all of your leads from your campaigns and nurture them so that your team can follow them up effectively. These platforms work realtime and all data is stored in one place so that any team member can pick up a lead and know the history and next steps so potentially no more dropped balls or missed opportunities.

The platform that many of our clients are working with is called DenGro, it’s worth checking out and arranging a demo, as a partner we can offer preferred rates to clients. The reporting functionality alone is worth the investment as it provides crucial information.

For example;
How many Invisalign leads came in last month, how many started treatment and which marketing campaigns did they come from?

Or how many leads have come in from the PPC campaign so far this month and how any have booked an appointment? What treatments are they for?

If you are looking to 2022 and setting your dental marketing budget but are unsure of direction and marketing channel choice, we can help you analyse data and assess the opportunity as well as put the processes in place to start tracking everything so that you can make marketing decisions based on concrete evidence.

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