Doing a 360 or closing the loop
Doing a 360 or closing the loop
When your marketing company asks you how your new business leads are converting, do you truly know the answer?
October 5, 2020

They sound like things you’d hear down the local skatepark. That’s true, but they’re terms you should be very familiar with in running your own practice.

Most successful practice owners assess the return on investment (ROI) for all marketing spend that they are investing in. They review the monthly ROI split by marketing channel, by treatment type and cost per conversion.

Knowing your conversion rate from a new lead to an appointment and an appointment to a sale is crucial information that every successful practice owner can get their hands on at the press of a few buttons.

Running marketing campaigns without setting the time aside to properly assess whether they are actually working could well be a waste of your annual budget. When your marketing company asks you how your new business leads are converting, do you truly know the answer? Be honest.

If you are totally reliant on the front desk team giving you accurate records of all new enquiry data, how confident are you that this is 100% correct? Do you know the reasons why some of the leads that enquired didn’t book in for an appointment or treatment?

Closing the loop on your marketing campaigns and your new leads or enquiries is crucial to the success of your campaigns and of your business. Doing a proper 360 review is vital as it can point to gaps and holes in the process where you may be losing business, and it could be something simple:

  • Unanswered phone calls are missed leads and can be solved with increased reception cover at times when you’re missing the calls. Through our call tracking service we can identify times where you may be failing to grab the business when it’s there for the taking.
  • Maybe you need to invest in training for your associates to improve their abilities to sign people up to treatment plans. Are your team following up on treatment plans that haven’t gone ahead? You’d be surprised how often this task isn’t top priority.
  • Do you need to start opening on weekends if you don’t already? Or perhaps an evening or two through the week?
  • Still running front desk on post it notes and spreadsheets? You may need a new lead management tool that can really improve how you and your team deal with new enquiries. It also makes your marketing company accountable for just how many leads are coming in.

Wherever the holes might be it will become glaringly obvious, easy to spot and in turn solvable. Here at Hive, we provide in-depth monthly reports that focus on the performance of the marketing activities and with regular contact with the practice owner or Business Manager we can close the loop on how the campaigns have truly performed.

Post lockdown we are seeing some fantastic results for our clients across Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Social Media advertising marketing channels. With demand and propensity to convert higher than pre Covid levels.

With many practices offering free video consultations and remote assessments with the TCO or clinician before they come in for an appointment, it seems that patients are no longer just window shopping and attending appointments to information gathering. They are now attending appointments, focussed and ready to start treatment.

If you’d like to be in full control of your annual marketing budget and know what’s really going on, give us a call, it could be the best call you make this year.

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