Your guide to the New Client Journey
Your guide to the New Client Journey
When joining Hive, we take you through our engagement procedures; we call this our ‘New Client Journey’.

When joining Hive, we take you through our engagement procedures; we call this our ‘New Client Journey’. We try to make the sign up process as smooth as possible for each of our clients.

Here is what you can expect when you join Hive:


You will receive a welcome email to begin your journey and depending on the service you’re engaging us for the sign up process can be quite different.

For our accountancy services, there is some regulatory information we need to gather which we request using a checklist on Survey Monkey. We also need identification from you, in order to complete some regulatory administration tasks, such an anti-money laundering check.

We then request professional clearance from your previous advisor. We have different rules and regulations depending on the service. For instance, a marketing service will not require us to liaise with your previous providers although there may be some background information we need to request from you.


You will be introduced to the members of the team that you will be working with throughout your relationship with Hive; we often like to book a call with you to introduce ourselves.


For all of our services we send an engagement letter to let you know all of the terms and conditions, these will differ depending on the service you have chosen, each journey is tailored to the client’s personal situation. To save time and paper, we use Adobe Sign which enables you to review and electronically sign the letter.


We use a secure payment company called GoCardless to take payments for our services. You will be sent a link to authorise an online account.  We always agree your fees upfront and send you email updates to keep you in the loop with any payment requests via GoCardless.


Once you’re happy with the terms and have set up your GoCardless account, your Hive client journey can commence!

We attempt to make the engagement process as simple and as hassle free as we possibly can for anyone joining us. If you have any questions regarding our services please do give us a call, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch on 01872 300232 or email

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