How to add your dental practice to Google Business
How to add your dental practice to Google Business
Google My Business helps people find your business through search results and Google Maps.
August 23, 2021

A business with a verified Google My Business listing is twice as likely to be considered reputable according to Google. Google My Business helps people find your business through search results and Google Maps. It’s a free tool that helps local businesses that serve customers at a physical location manage how they appear in search results and Google Maps.

To get started, login to the Gmail account that you would like to be the admin for the account and go to:

You’ll then need to follow the steps to get your business set up:

To start with you’ll need to enter your business’ name. You may have a limited company but you should enter your practice’s name as this is what your patients will be looking up or will be more familiar with.

You’ll then need to select the category that best suits your dental business. There are quite a few categories which may apply (dental implants provider, dentist, cosmetic dentist etc) so select the one that applies best to your business. You will be asked to list the services you offer later which will give you a chance to share everything you provide your patients.

Next, you will add the location of the practice so that you can be found when people search for a certain area. You can also add the map so that people can use it for directions when they come to their appointment. If the pin isn’t located in quite the right place you can move it so it is exactly where the practice is located – this will save patients the stress of following directions to a place around the corner!

Google will ask you if you serve customers outside of this location. You may have a second site so you could input this in the ‘other area you service’ section. However, this is more for businesses whose services aren’t at a fixed address (e.g. they deliver or they can provide services outside of their location like a marketing agency).

It is important you get this section correct as you will lose out on leads if you don’t. Input the best telephone number for the practice and the website URL.

You will then be asked to verify your account using the phone number you have entered so make sure you complete this at a time you can answer the phone. There is also an option to verify your account by post or phone later if necessary.

At this stage, you will be able to add the services you provide so that you can be matched with the right customers when they search. You can add the ones suggested or add a custom service if it is not in the list.

Adding your business hours is really useful as it will mean your patients will have the best chance of getting through to you, rather than attempting to call when you’re not open. If you’re open 7 days a week this is a great opportunity to showcase this and set yourself apart from your competitors.

You can then allow your patients to message you through Google if you like, however, if you accept this method of communication it’s vital you ensure someone is checking and responding to any messages that come through.

At this point, you will have a chance to add a description of your dental business. It can be up to 750 characters and needs to succinctly explain who you are and what you do. It’s a good place to mention anything that will spark an interest in your practice over the practice down the road. You can add some photos from your practice and show off your beautiful building and smiling team members. Please avoid posting any gruesome before and after images here as it will likely turn off any prospective or nervous patients.

If you have any questions about getting found on Google or improving your online presence in general, get in touch.

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By Hannah Kemp Production Manager
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