Is your practice tech savvy?
Is your practice tech savvy?
The Digital Age. The Tech Revolution. Call it what you will, the talk about this era definitely feels like it has been going on for an age.

By Connor Smith, Accountant at Hive Business.

The Digital Age. The Tech Revolution. Call it what you will, the talk about this era definitely feels like it has been going on for an age. The endless innovations and apps that will change your life may have become watered down over time, but have you ever truly felt like you invested in the digital age? And perhaps more importantly, did your business invest in it?

The chances are you have already bought into the revolution in your personal life, be it through the ease of contactless payments, personal finance and investment apps, or simply picking up your smartphone. Things we do each and every day on the fly, which just 10 years ago would’ve sounded like endlessly dangerous practice. It’s incredible to think that now; our entire lives can be condensed down to a small rectangular piece of magic and carried around in our pocket.

Now ask yourself, has your business made the switch? It’s a situation we see more often than not when performing a diagnostic on a dental practice that has all the right intentions, but none of the right execution. Advances and shifts in technology are not something to be feared by business owners but embraced. We’ve spoken multiple times in the past about time poor dentists, principals burdened ultimately by their love for their craft. Trying to juggle so many different aspects at once, they often find it difficult to focus on their business performance.

Technology can be utilised to not only free up your time as an owner but also the time of your team. For example, we’ve spoken multiple times of our love for software such as GoCardless and Adobe Sign – great time-saving solutions for the administrative process. With your admin team members less bogged down by paperwork, they can be spending more time adding value to your practice in a client facing role, interacting and connecting with the people who matter.

Our core accountancy service here at Hive is powered by the wonder of Xero. People still seem to cover their ears the moment that scary ‘cloud computing’ phrase is uttered, but as a practice owner, you would be wise to start listening. By utilising direct bank feeds, real time finances are available on demand. Having your figures uploaded to a cloud system also benefits the work we do at Hive – being able to jump straight in and see the data in front of us means we can track your performance as often as you like, and enables us to deliver crucial analysis when you need it. There has never been a better time to take control of your finances and finally turn those good intentions into great actions.

So why then are you still afraid to take the tech jump? Breaking away from the tried and tested can feel like walking a tightrope blindfolded. But it doesn’t need to.

Hive’s dedicated team of specialists are trained and prepared to guide you through the switch. If you want to drive your practice into the modern age, we’re here to guide the wheel while you apply the gas.

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Connor Smith
By Connor Smith Accountant
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