The key to getting ideas across the line
The key to getting ideas across the line
You need the right people to support you and form the structure for success

By Kyle Fraser, Trainee Accountant at Hive Business

I recently caught the end of the BAFTA’s and I noticed that all the winner’s speeches included thanking the countless people that made their success possible. I realised that to get to that stage, there was no doubt they had worked hard but also that the right people were there to support them and form the structure for success.

We are all human and sometimes our ego’s work counter-productively. We want to gain the benefits, socially and financially, of being successful and making our own ideas a reality. However, when your idea is good and your vision is set in stone, having others around you to make that vision a reality is a must.

Malcolm Gladwell speaks of the three archetypes’; Maven’s, Connectors and Salespeople, in his book The Tipping Point. He defines them as:

  • Maven – someone who is savvy in their chosen area of interest.
  • Connector – a soul who brings the right combinations of people together.
  • Salesperson – someone who can help get ideas and products across the line.

A combination of all three in the right areas would put you in a stronger position than other people. In all these cases that Gladwell studied there was never a lone wolf. Unless you are a unicorn the chances that you are endowed with all three is rather slim. Find the right team with the right mix of individuals to back your idea.

A question: would you rather have a percentage of a successful idea or the full ownership of something that may take longer to get off the ground? Take a cut and see a greater chance of your ideas flourish – after all, Jeff Bezos only owns 16% of Amazon!

If you are missing one of those three aspects, we are here to help. To find out how we can help you please get in touch on 01872 300232 or email

Kyle Fraser
By Kyle Fraser Trainee Accountant
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