Time for a change in the way you do your bookkeeping
Time for a change in the way you do your bookkeeping
Start using Xero in your dental practice

Another decade has flown by and in that time so much on a global scale has shifted. For many, the 2010s was a time for change and the same is heavily reflected in accountancy.

The move to cloud-based accounting software has really changed the way our clients view their bookkeeping. There is one platform that we think stands out: Xero. Its growing ubiquity in the accounting scope has made tasks easier and stress-free for all of its users.

Over this past decade, Xero has started to establish itself as an accounting software monopoly. If you are a practice owner that likes to be different and likes going down the road less travelled, that’s fair enough. In business, one’s uniqueness is paramount and is a fantastic way to exhilarate your clientele. But in accounting, making things rigid and easy to follow is an attribute we would recommend everyone striving for. It’s just one area of your business that you can’t be too whimsical about. Here is why you should start using Xero in your dental practice:

It’s paperless – For bookkeepers everywhere straying away from their big red books, new technologies have made their tasks easier to process. Instead of carrying around large amounts of bank statements, invoices, credit note’s etc, a new more paperless age has begun, and here at Hive, we encourage this not only because it has a positive impact on the planet!

It’s Cloud-Based – The ability for both the account holder and the accountant to have access to up-to-date reports has only been beneficial to all. The fewer surprises on both parts – the better! If we can see problems that could be arising, we can advise on ways to combat such issues. Transparency is key to make sure that nothing adverse arises, and this software acts as a tool to which we can help you.

It links directly to your bank – As bookkeeping is the building block to any sole trade, partnership or limited company, Xero has made business owners lives easier by introducing bank feeds. This enables your statements to link straight to your Xero account and ready for you (or your accountant) to reconcile which saves time and increases efficiency. Although this costs a little extra, the time it saves is worth every penny.

If you are not on Xero and you are looking for a more contemporary way to jump into a new year, a new decade and a new point of view, cloud-based bookkeeping is the way forward.

If you are interested in getting set up – contact us – and we are more than happy to help.

Kyle Fraser
By Kyle Fraser Trainee Accountant
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