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Are you who you say you are?

You’ve probably noticed that we’re living in a new digital era. We’re all digital natives now, and we know instinctively that our best competitive advantage is being transparent and communicating that we are who we say we are. So why don’t we? That’s what the Hive brand audit is designed to find out.

To make sure you are who you say you are we check whether your brand is working, whether you’re making deep connections that matter and resonate with people. Business is changing fast and the possibilities and opportunities out in the world — as well as all the white noise — are expanding at a staggering rate. You need to be clearer about what you do and why, and be able to make more meaningful emotional connections with people. How are you doing on that front?

Hive Business Brand Audit

If you’re not sure, it really is worth checking. We approach your brand like a living thing; we appreciate it’s got a unique personality and characteristics you can’t fully control.
You’ve been watching it grow and nurturing it, but sometimes it begins to deviate a little and your strategies may have started to suffer as a result. That’s a serious problem because your brand is the lynchpin of your overall company strategy, defining your identity to patients and your team and dictating the messaging and actions you take to move the business forward.

You probably think we mean your practice name and logo, but your brand is actually everything, everything from the way your team members greet your patients to the uniform they wear and the magazines you leave in the waiting room. A brand overhaul is so much more than changing the colours on the wall, it’s the rearticulation of what you’re really about — and people need to see this expressed clearly all the way through your patient journey otherwise they get confused.

Dental patients are becoming increasingly sophisticated and if they’re going to stay with you they need all your messaging to be emotionally relevant to them.

Hive Business Brand Audit

If your brand is allowed to deteriorate or remain static in the face of important changes in the environment like new competition you could lose your patients and struggle to find new ones.

With the impending corporatisation of the UK dental market this threat is clear and present — is there a Bupa near you by any chance? A brand audit can future proof your business by analysing your current position and establishing which qualities of your brand are effective and which aren’t, but this isn’t about changing things according to the latest fad. You seldom want to change your brand significantly because every time you do you will lose the brand equity you’ve built up. So don’t believe the people who say it’s clever to chop and change; it is very clever indeed, and prudent, however, to know what works and what doesn’t with your brand.


To discover if your brand needs a refresh book
your brand audit with Hive

For your brand audit we use data from a range of sources including:

1. Patient surveys

2. Web data and data from historic marketing campaigns

3. Appraisal of your competitors and catchment demographics

It can sometimes feel like the biggest brands have done all the hard work early on and are still reaping the rewards years later, but usually it’s the complete opposite; established companies struggle to stay innovative and relevant as they grow and it takes a huge amount of work to stay at the top, with every upstart trying to usurp them. The good news if you own an independent dental practice is you have all sorts of tools in your repertoire to counter the threat from corporates and carve out a resilient space in the market.

Corporates may have the marketing budget to do nationwide banners, TV ads and ads in national newspapers and glossies — and you simply can’t compete with that kind of brand recognition — but if you focus your marketing efforts and compete on an experiential level you can win big because, despite all their apparent polish and shine, the corporates can’t compete with you on the patient journey.

There is an opportunity for you to appeal to your catchment market’s sense of place, showing local sensibilities in your marketing collateral and a level of quality in your customer service that the mass-produced corporates cannot possibly achieve. If you can deliver these remarkable experiences through exceptional branding all you need to do is let your patients build your reputation for you by word of mouth, social media and online reviews (which have become indispensable to consumers).

We want to help you make more meaningful emotional connections with people, because your best competitive advantage is being transparent and communicating that you are who you say you are.

If you’re ready, the place to start is with an audit of your brand proposition, your front of house areas and your website — get in touch to book this in with us.

Hive Business Brand

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