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Project Information

When he called us for a diagnostic day, Runeel Joye was stuck. He wanted to convert his practice from 80% NHS to private and get off the treadmill of low skill dentistry but had made no progress despite working with another dental business consultant for two years. The costs of running his business — especially staff —seemed prohibitive, but he lacked the confidence to get moving. After five years at the helm he felt isolated and desperate.

  • Client : Oh My Smile
  • Date : 2017
  • Skills : NHS conversion

Result Driven

He will be ready to withdraw from NHS completely in three years if he wants to
On track for 30% growth in the next 12 months
Profitable clinical model
Effective marketing systems are generating new patients
All clinicians are doing more complex, satisfying work

Challenge & Solution

To target a new audience and prepare for growth we recommended a complete overhaul.
Full relaunch
Refurbish the building, rename and rebrand the business as a private practice. Establish marketing systems.
Increase productivity
The ADYs (average daily yields) of Runeel's associates were too low, so he hired two therapists and allocated to them every possible job they could do (x-rays, perio, hygiene, impressions, fillings and whitening), freeing up associates and himself for higher value work. He began charging properly for the quality patient journey he was now providing.
Bring the team along
Leading a team through 18 months of disruption and change is a serious challenge for anyone. On top of that a new business culture had to be established. Personal and emotional support from us was in order — Runeel didn't lack ideas or ambition, just confidence.

Our Process

Our financial analysis showed that ADYs could be increased by allocating work to clinicians according to their efficiency vis-a-vis specific treatments (not just therapists but all clinicians). So we helped Runeel establish a private revenue generation model based on the law of comparative advantage. He says, “I can see it’s the way forward in dentistry, not just in my practice.”
We knew that Runeel was going to have to inject a culture of measuring financial performance to justify the redistribution of work. At first he felt worried the team wouldn't recognise his authority, but when he began communicating his vision they turned into stakeholders.
This didn't happen overnight. In any business, to establish a culture shift a leader has to repeat the same message consistently over months and years, and mirror the message with their own actions. This can be daunting — it requires the leader to be thinking about their values consistently over time.
Runeel delivered. We coached him along, acted as a sounding board and held him accountable to his own targets.

I got more from Hive in one day than I got from another consultant in 12 months.

Runeel Joye
Runeel Joye

I got more from Hive in one day than I got from another consultant in 12 months.

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