Play Safe at Christmas Parties
Play Safe at Christmas Parties
Follow these top tips from our guest blogger to make sure you avoid unnecessary HR headaches this festive season.

Follow these top tips from our guest blogger, Gemma Murphy from View HR, to make sure you avoid unnecessary HR headaches this festive season.

Gemma Murphy blogs:

With 40% of HR managers reporting that they’ve had to face time-consuming administration and costs, to deal with employees who have overstepped the boundaries of goodwill at a function, Christmas isn’t a time for the faint-hearted!

There is no reason why an employer should not set the tone in advance and send out disclaimers or policies on acceptable behaviour, prior to any events. In reality, the likelihood is that once the festivities begin, no one will remember the small print and you’ll still have to deal with the consequences but at least they will have been warned.

Here are some of my tips for keeping your festivities merry and… Legal!

Remove the mistletoe

A photo of the practice manager snogging the junior dentist on social media is not the kind of publicity you want or need for your dental practice and it could easily ruin someone’s reputation. Remember: The internet never forgets.

Drink responsibly

By all means, make sure your staff have fun at the party, they’ve worked hard all year. However, it’s possible that a free bar may result in some less than acceptable behaviour. As the business owner, do the right thing and keep your staff safe; make sure they all get home safely.

Secret Santa Slip-up 

It’s never OK to buy inappropriate gifts for any of your staff. This goes without saying, really, but a ‘gag gift’ is only funny if both parties are in on the joke! It’s secret Santa, not secret harassment opportunity; Lawyers would have a field day.

We would like to wish you and your team a wonderful Christmas party season. If your business does experience some unfortunate occurrences at the Christmas Party and you require a helping hand or perhaps you require assistance with disclaimers, please contact Hive on 01872 300232 or email us at [email protected].

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