What do you want from 2021?
What do you want from 2021?
It's time to enter 2021 positively, full of ambitions and ready to take on new adventures

To say that 2020 has been a tough year for many is still an understatement. 2020 caught us all by surprise, I remember New Years Eve 2019 thinking that ‘this is my year,’and ‘I’m going to achieve so much’, and I’m not saying I didn’t, it just may have happened a little different to how I expected.

None of us know what 2021 is going to throw our way, however we have had a little practice with the unknown and unexpected. As Rainer Maria Rilke quite rightly said “And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been”.

We can all confidently say that we faced a lot of challenges and difficulties last year, but we were nothing but persistent, and now we are ready to enter 2021 positively, full of ambitions and ready to take on new adventures. Maybe 2021 will provide more out of the blue escapades – but the good kind, the ones we dive in headfirst and thrive off.

It might be time to bite the bullet and buy that dental practice you’ve had your eye on. Now is just as good a time as any and we can help you prepare for this with our Discovery Service.

Our Discovery Service aims to answer the question ‘should I buy this practice?’ Not just, ‘can I buy it?’

In order to help you confidently answer this question, we run a business analysis on the proposed practice to ensure you are fully informed of the nitty gritty. The Discovery service allows us to analyse and assess the business against your personal objectives, as well as providing a high level of general oversight and support throughout the whole process.

In 2018, we helped Jonathan Cochrane (now a happy client), throughout the process of purchasing his first dental practice which went on to be nominated for numerous dentistry awards in 2019. Read more about Jonathan’s journey with us and why he ‘wholeheartedly recommends us’.


A fresh year, a fresh start – January 2021 seems like the perfect time to reevaluate your business objectives. Are you looking to provide a refresher to your business or simply alleviate the daily challenges you face? We can help identify and combat your business areas which require improvement with our Diagnostic Service.

Our Diagnostic Framework allows us to delve deep into your business structure and strategy to understand your business’s performance and develop successful solutions. We work with you to explore your options and increase your business performance, whether that is financial or operational or both.

We did just this for Runeel Joy, director of Oh My Smile dental practice. Click here to read his case study.


If you’ve decided you want to retire or move onto something else, we can help you prep your practice for sale so you get the most for your hard work. We can also help you throughout the sale to save you tax during the process. You have made the hard decision to sell your practice, now let us guide you through the most effective method of doing this to ensure the best outcomes.

We have put together a Sellers Guide which outlines all the steps you need to consider when putting your practice up for sale. Click here to download your own copy.


What ever you decide to do, reiterate to your team how much you appreciate them, without the support of each individual over the last year it is likely you would have struggled to say afloat. 2020 was tough and all we feared the next mystery to be uncovered, but the world collectively saw a determination amongst individuals and businesses that we have not seen in many years and we are still fighting strong.

If you are apprehensive about the New Year and what path to take, we can help guide and support you through the unexpected to reach your business goals.

P.S Happy New Year!

Halle Manley
By Halle Manley Sales Manager
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