Decide to rest, or be forced to
Decide to rest, or be forced to
Your business advisors are important assets to you

By Ellen Curnow, Accountant at Hive Business

In a society where it’s rare for a person not to have a smartphone, it’s easy to see how people are constantly stressed. Before we were able to carry the world in our back pocket, we would only ever have to worry about what was directly in front of us at any given time.

Now, it’s quite likely that we have multiple conversations happening simultaneously, which splits our minds across all of these scenarios, and if these are all normal conversations about daily life, then that’s fine. But, if it just so happens that on the Monday morning you’re already running late, you get bombarded with three simultaneous texts that you’ve forgotten the kids have fancy dress tomorrow at school, something at the practice has hit the fan, and you have a business meeting you haven’t prepared for, you wouldn’t be blamed for having a small melt-down.

We’ve written about burnout before, and I think it’s reasonable to believe that technology developments are a huge contributor to this issue.

You now take your work home with you and take your social life to work, and suddenly the lines between the two are very blurred, which makes it hard to know when you’re getting overwhelmed or stressed, and what was the trigger.

Your business advisors are important assets to you and can make your working life an awful lot easier. Surround yourself with people you trust and can rely on, and you will find that you can get your work-life balance back in check. We work with our clients on various projects; from finance to culture and everything in between.

Here are some ways we can help you:

If your business financials are giving you sleepless nights, we can ensure you’re seeing the information most important to your business. Using real-time information will mean you have more control and can make informed decisions for your business.

Having a good Business Manager will transform your business and give you time to focus on other areas you are more suited to. We can help you find the right person and give them the best training so that you’re always on the same page.

We encourage our clients to utilise the people around them and not to carry the practice themselves.

If your practice is a burden and it’s negatively impacting you, why are you staying? We can give you various tools to enable you to see the facts, discuss the risk and help you decide what is best for your circumstances.

If you think you’re doing too much at the practice, get in contact, and we can help identify where your time is being lost.

Ellen Curnow
By Ellen Curnow
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