Complete confidence, or your money back
Complete confidence, or your money back
We’re pleased to introduce our new money-back guarantee, meaning you can try our accountancy services with nothing to lose – and a lot to gain.
September 14, 2023

We often speak to people who are changing accountants, with many coming to us in hope of a better service than the one they’re currently getting. The decision to switch is usually prompted by one or more of the same laundry list of reasons: poor or slow communication, lack of response to enquiries, and lack of proactivity. After all, if you’re investing time, effort and money into a relationship, you want to be sure that you’re getting something truly valuable out of it. If that isn’t happening, it’s better and healthier to move on.

But – and here’s the snag – how can you trust that a new provider will be any better? What if we’re all just telling you what you want to hear?

Here at Hive, we have absolute confidence that we’ll offer a better service than your previous accountant. This is because we work in a completely different way to traditional accountants, with a process and range of services that are designed around your unique needs. However, we also know that when you’ve had a bad (or even a lacklustre) experience, it’s hard to trust that a new partner won’t just repeat the same old mistakes.

This is why we’ve decided to launch a new money-back guarantee across our accountancy offerings. This means that when you take that leap of faith with us, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’ll only pay for the promises we deliver on.

So, how does it work?

If you’re taking us on as your accountant

There are certain tasks that every business owner must complete – the compulsory boxes that you need to tick to be compliant. This includes things such as year-end accounts, bookkeeping, and payroll. Though these are often thought of as essential admin, our approach to them is far from standard.

As well as compliance, we can provide you with the accounting services your business needs to best function, such as management accounts with optional bolt-on meetings, payroll to ensure smooth payment of your team, and bookkeeping to ensure you have a seamless route to real-time data.

Where other accountants might fall silent or lack the drive to make suggestions, we prefer to stay in touch with regular communication around your plans, goals, and progress. Our unique approach, combining proactive analysis, real-time data, and excellent communication (across both compliance and one-off projects), is what really sets Hive apart. This is why, if you’re not happy with how we work during our first year together, we’ll refund your initial 12 months’ fee.

If we’re working on a project

Every practice is different, and every practice owner has a completely different set of needs, challenges, and aspirations. Though no two situations are the same, we have a tried-and-tested route for travelling from A (your current position) to B (your ideal destination).

This begins with an initial call, during which we can scope out your problem and objectives. After this, we’ll begin fact-finding, as we gather the detailed information we need. Next, we move onto the design phase, during which we plan the different ways you could get from A to B, factoring in how we can work within the confines of the law and considerations of your current situation.

This is where our money-back guarantee comes in. If we can’t find a satisfactory way to solve your problem – for instance, if we can’t achieve the outcome without this costing you more money than it saves – we’ll happily refund the fee for this initial work and take the project no further. If, on the other hand, you’re happy with our suggestions and can see how they’ll pay for themselves, we can begin to set your plan into action.

What have you got to lose?

When it comes to the quality of our services and experience, we’re happy to put our money where our collective mouth is. If we can’t help you, or if you’re not delighted with the difference you find in working with us, we’ll gladly refund your fee. Or if – like our existing happy clients – you’re keen to stay on board, this could be the start of the change you were looking for all along.

To find out more about our accountancy services, get in touch with the team.

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By Simon Vincent Tax Director
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